Choosing The Best Marijuana POS (Point Of Sale System) For Your Dispensary

As more states legalize the sale of medical and recreational marijuana, the number of cannabis retailers are growing. As more people consider opening dispensaries, they must find the structures, guidelines, and regulations set in place to govern this burgeoning business. One of the best investments a new dispensary can make is to purchase a marijuana point of sale system. These systems help with processing incoming cash and managing inventory.

A point of sale (POS) system can assist the dispensary staff in making more sales and improving customer service. When used correctly, a good marijuana POS system can help with compliance issues and record keeping.

When researching POS systems, it is important to remember they are not all alike. Unless the dispensary owner or someone on the staff has previous retail experience, this will probably be a new experience. Even if someone has worked in retail, they probably used a mainstream POS system. These systems are excellent, but they aren’t designed to factor in the necessary functions to streamline cannabis sales. There are certain criteria to keep in mind when choosing a POS system for a cannabis dispensary.

A POS System Designed For The Cannabis Industry

Look for a well-designed system that aims to address issues within the cannabis industry. This will help save time and improve customer service. For example, a system that is intuitive is easier to learn, and with the high turnover rate in the cannabis industry, a system that can be learned quickly is necessary.

Inventory Management

Look for a POS system that will help with inventory management. As the business grows, managing inventory becomes even more challenging. Additionally, a system that will oversee inventory frees up the owner to create new products and provide better customer service.

Works With Various Sales Channels

Choose a cannabis POS that will allow products to be sold through different channels. The system should connect the store to several online platforms. This is very important as more states legalize the sale of marijuana and out-of-state customers start shopping online.

Improve Sales Performance

Implementing a cannabis POS system will also help salespeople. It will provide immediate access to product information, so sales clerks don’t have to memorize which marijuana strains are best for which ailment. The system can also keep track of what customer purchases and allow the sales person to personalize their interaction.

Multiple Stores

As the cannabis dispensary business grows, the owner may open more stores in different locations. The dispensary POS system must be able to link these various store locations together and manage the inventory for all of the inventory. This information can even help produce a product catalog for customers.

Compliance Features

Perhaps the single most important feature of a good marijuana point of sale system is helping ensure the dispensary remains in conformity with all state, federal and local regulations and laws. The dispensary must continue to be compliant at every stage, and a good cannabis POS can help with this.

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